Stillwater News Press

August 2, 2013

Oklahoma Highway Patrol breaks ground on Troop K headquarters in Perry

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

PERRY, Okla. —

It was a good Friday morning in Perry when the Oklahoma HIghway Patrol Troop K broke ground on its new headquarters.

The new headquarters will be approximately 4,000 square feet and can almost be seen if a person going down Interstate 35 looks to his or her east at the Perry exit. This location was chosen because this area gives the Oklahoma Highway Patrol easy access to the Cimarron Turnpike and Interstate 35.

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s commissioner Mike Thompson said it was a good day for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

He also thanked the Perry community for welcoming and accepting the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Thompson said sometimes people  misunderstand the OHP’s patrol areas, but he said it covers the entire state of Oklahoma.

“When people see a highway patrol car, a lot to times they think we’re just passing through the community,” Thompson said. “The truth is we are in all 77 counties of the state of Oklahoma.”

This new facility is planned to be used for a long time, Thompson said. It will house OHP officials, have a lounge room for patrol personnel to do  paperwork and it will be an area present and future employees can take classes and train for duty.

Oklahoma High Patrol Maj. Russell Maples said the building will be versatile and the OHP is excited to move into the building in hopefully a year. He said he helped with the project and it will be a “state of the art facility.”

Thompson also said the facility will be “incredible” and the move will be a long-term commitment.

“For the last several years, we have had a transient presence at best,” Thompson said. “I think that is putting it nicely. But, the facility we build here will be a 40- or 50-year commitment to the community of Perry. We are very excited about this.