Stillwater News Press

October 31, 2013

County expands CLEAN to Glencoe

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Payne County commissioners expanded its CLEAN program to Glencoe during Wednesday’s meeting at the Payne County Administration Building.

The commissioners approved a mutual agreement with the town of Glencoe.  

The CLEAN program allows county inmates to get a break from county jail and perform manual work to improve the county. This could include cleaning, mowing and other forms of manual labor.

District 1 County Commissioner Zach Cavett and District 3 County Commissioner Jim Arthur help dictate what jobs need to be done, and they designate the priority of different jobs. The CLEAN program is designed specifically to help the county commissioners have more manpower, and give approved inmates a break from jail.

Glencoe has asked the commissioners for assistance, said District 2 County Commissioner Chris Reding.

The town of Glencoe is specifically looking for help to maintain its gun range, which is where the Payne County Sheriff’s Office practices shooting, Reding said. If there are other things in the future and CLEAN has excess participants, commissioners would send people to help in other areas, too.