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July 17, 2012

NEW: Woman says Oklahoma State athlete Darrell Williams sexually assaulted her, dragged her through yard

STILLWATER, Okla. — A second victim in the sex crime case against suspended Oklahoma State basketball player Darrell Williams testified Tuesday morning that Williams sexually assaulted her, held her against her will and dragged her through a yard.

Williams, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting two women at an off-campus party in December 2010. Williams is on trial on four counts of rape by instrumentation and a count of sexual battery.

An OSU student testified Tuesday morning several tall men in OSU basketball warmup suits touched her breasts and groin in the basement of a house during a party. The woman said two men grabbed her hands and held them to their genitals while Williams stood in front of her.

“I watched him put his hands down my pants,” she testified, referring to Williams. She said he inserted his finger into her.

“I was begging them to stop and leave me alone,”  she said. There were about 20 people in the basement and nobody came to help, the woman testified.

 The woman said her attackers and Williams would not stop but she was eventually able to break free. She said Williams stopped her before she could leave the basement and dragged her to a fence outside the house where he forced her hand down his pants and put his hand down her pants again.

“It made me feel violated and sick to my stomach,”  the student said. She said Williams then dragged her over to a truck where he held her wrists, stepped on her feet and pinned her to the side while he put his hands down her pants and inserted his finger again.

The woman testified another man walked up during the ordeal and began to chat with Williams about that night’s OSU basketball game. She said Williams became distracted and she was able to break free.

The woman said she begged Williams to stop during the attacks while he whispered, “I can’t wait to f--- you tonight”  in her ear.

The woman said at the time she was a big basketball fan and went to nearly every game. She said she instantly recognized Williams when he was at a bar earlier the night of the assaults. She said he invited her to the party and he introduced himself by name. She said during the attacks he was facing her and she recognized the man as being Williams.

The witness was still on the witness stand when the court recessed for lunch. The prosecution was expected to continue questioning her after lunch and the defense was expected to follow with cross examination.

Williams was suspended from the OSU basketball team in February 2011 but continues to practice with the team and remains on the roster.        

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