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June 2, 2012

VIDEO: Baby born six months after his father dies in motorcycle crash

By Chase Rheam
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Six months after an accident took a Perkins man’s life, his son begins his own.

Walker Ray Massey was born at 1:36 p.m. last Saturday and weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Walker’s mother, Ariel Bobo, 18, gave birth to Walker three weeks after she graduated from Yale High School. She calls him her “little miracle.”



Walker’s father, Dhillion Massey, was killed in a motorcycle wreck on Nov. 29 while driving on Monroe Street on the Oklahoma State University campus.

Bobo recalls the moment she heard the news.

“One of my friends came by because he told me that he got a phone call from his buddy saying there was a bike accident in Stillwater,” Bobo said. “And he came by and was wanting to make sure it wasn’t Dhillion.”

Bobo told him Dhillion had gone to look for a job in Stillwater. After they searched for news on the Internet, saw the photos and called the Oklahoma State University police, she knew it was  Dhillon.

“I went into a depression,” Bobo said.

Sister Sara Massey found out through her little sister. She called her dad, who told her Dhillion had been killed.

“And I said, ‘Dad, that’s not funny. Don’t joke with me like that.’ He said, ‘I’m not kidding.’”

Bobo recalled how she had met Dhillion years before in Cushing.

“Me and Dhillion have known each other since we were five years old,” Bobo said.

It was instant friendship.

“He just ran up to me one day and ever since then, we’d been friends,” Bobo said.

Their lives eventually took different paths.

“He moved up to Montana,” Bobo said. “I stayed here. And he came back a couple days before his (18th) birthday.”

The two met back up and hit things off. Bobo said Dhillion was prepared to be a dad.

“When we found out that I was pregnant, he literally jumped for joy and he was ready for it,” Bobo said.

Sara Massey agreed. When Dhillion came back to Oklahoma, she had just given birth to her youngest son. She said Dhillon took to caring for him.

“He was all about feeding him and changing him and (watching him),” Massey said. “You could see the father instinct in him. You could just tell that he was in amazement with the baby.”

Dhillion had told her over the phone that he was excited about being a father and was going to get a good job and provide the best for Walker, she said.

“Every night, he was always talking to my stomach,” Bobo said. “That’s one thing he always did. And he’s always told him, ‘Be a troublemaker for Momma. Don’t listen to Momma.’ And just all kinds of stuff like that.”

Bobo said Dhillion Massey would have been a good dad, given the chance.

Since his death, she credits friends and family like her brother and father for helping.

“When we found out that Dhillion died, my dad was there immediately and ever since then he has been,” Bobo said.

She looks forward most to the trouble Walker will cause, she said.

“Dhillion was more of an outgoing type person and I have a feeling he’s going to be a lot like his dad,” Bobo said. “He’s going to have me on my toes.”

Despite the accident that took a father from the son he never had the chance to meet, Massey said, she believes God has a plan for everything.

“I think God took Dhillion so that we could do better by Walker and give Walker a better life,” Massey said. “The life that Dhillion never got.”

Bobo admitted it will be tough.

“There’s going to be the ups and the downs,” Bobo said, “but it’s going to be good.”