A court appearance for four Oklahoma State wrestlers was postponed Monday.

Alexander Meade, 20; Jonathon Robert Morrison, 20; Christopher Michael Perry, 20; and Blake Matthew Rosholt, 20 did not appear in court. Their attorney Trace Morgan appeared on their behalf.

They are charged with obstructing an executive officer. Stillwater police said they lied when questioned about a theft another wrestler committed.

Wrestler Alexander Munoz pleaded guilty last month to the larceny and to unlawful use of a credit card. He was sentenced to pay more than $500 in fines and restitution, serve 40 hours of community service, undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and  take an anger resolution course. Court records show he completed an eight-hour anger resolution course this month.

Munoz was accused of stealing a lost wallet that belongs to Joshua Matlock. Matlock dropped the wallet during an altercation with wrestlers at a party, according to court documents. Munoz is also thought to have used Matlock’s credit card to buy $45.21 of beer at a gas station, according to court documents.

Meade, Morrison, Perry and Rosholt are accused of telling Stillwater police a fabricated story to protect Munoz, police have said.

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