Stillwater police said two Oklahoma State basketball players are suspects in sexual assaults that happened at a party last weekend.

Capt. Randy Dickerson did not release their names because they have not been arrested or charged.

Police will present charges to the Payne County District Attorney's Office next week, Dickerson said.

Police received an anonymous letter Wednesday alleging three OSU students were sexually assaulted at a party in the 400 block of Lewis Street Saturday night, Dickerson said. The author sent the letter to other addresses, but Dickerson declined to say where.

The letter claims basketball players assaulted three OSU students at the party.

Thirty minutes after police got the letter, an investigation team was looking into the allegations, Dickerson said. They found that at least three basketball players were at the party, but Dickerson said he anticipates the police department will present a case to the district attorney's office against two of them.

A non-student is also a suspect, he said. Charges could be filed against him.

None of the suspects or possible victims lived at the house where the party was held, Dickerson said.

Dickerson declined to say how the three women may have been sexually assaulted. Sexual assault crimes include rape, rape by instrumentation, fondling and other sexual acts.

OSU spokesman Gary Shutt said university officials have not taken disciplinary action against the players.

"OSU is cooperating fully with the Stillwater police investigation and the university is taking this matter very seriously," he said. "No charges have been filed and therefore no disciplinary action has been taken at this time."

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