A mystery lunch Friday is the final special August activity scheduled through Stillwater Parks, Events and Recreation Senior Activities Center. Coming in September are yoga, line dance classes, sign language for seniors with hearing loss, computer, driving safety and ceramics classes. The Tuesday movie at 5:30 p.m. is “51 Birch Street.” For more information or for a calendar of events, call 747-8080 or stop by 1015 E. 12th.

Wednesday morning started off with a group of ladies excited to play pool. Exercise students showed up at the center ready to get their metabolism going and hearts pumping before a full day of activities. In the afternoon, participants gathered in the center to stay cool while playing games of dominoes, pool, skipbo and canasta. Social bridge winners were reported as JW Thomas, first and Orlean Hunter, second.

Sit’N Fit was the first activity for Thursday as folks gathered for a morning of stimulating exercises. Line dancers expressed their own unique way of exercise while sashaying through a robust set of dances. In the afternoon, sounds of cards shuffling and pool balls clanking could be heard as members played games of pool and canasta. In the evening, musicians entertained music lovers as they tapped their toes to the lively tunes.

Friday morning, the center was buzzing as ladies gathered for rounds of billiards. Exercise students also met early to get a full morning in of rejuvenating exercises. Participants worked on specialty crafts and shared their ideas with other crafters. In the afternoon, folks seemed eager to find their friends and play games of dominoes, puzzles, pitch and canasta while they mingled.

Weekend fun included Texas Hold’em, pool, canasta, rummikube and puzzles. Muriel Baer was reported as the Texas Hold’em winner.

Monday morning, ladies teamed up and challenged each other to competitive rounds of 8-ball. Students practiced exercises designed to stretch their bodies and loosen their joints. In the afternoon, games of canasta, dominoes and puzzles were being played as participants gathered around tables with friends. Social bridge winners were reported as June Cramer, first and Jerry Koelscch, second.

Sit’n Fit, Tuesday morning, was an energizing session with routines designed to increase the students’ stamina and coordination. Line dancers sashayed across the floor as they danced to the tunes of oldies music. In the afternoon, folks played pool, puzzles, canasta and dominoes with friends. Duplicate Bridge winners were reported as Don Lorett/ Patricia Logan, first, Betty Abenante/ Murna Raff, second and Ken Lane/ Linda Stone, third. During the evening hours, moviegoers enjoyed “Driving Lessons.”

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