Stillwater Fire Department and the city Water Utilities Department will be conducting hydrant testing and flushing on all fire hydrants.

The city has approximately 1,500 hydrant locations that will be visited during the course of testing. Testing will begin in September and continue until each hydrant is tested and will be used in updating data on the rate of flow at each hydrant for firefighting purposes.

A recent story indicated the city of Stillwater insurance classification rating had improved to a Class 3. The process of updating flow data is part of the attempt to further improve that classification.

All hydrants within the city, whether public or private, will be painted in conjunction with this effort to improve appearance, but more importantly to color code each hydrant according to its flow rate. This process will also allow for hydrants to be identified that require maintenance or repair.

Every effort will be made to minimize any impact of the water flow from each hydrant.

Questions or concerns can be forwarded to the Stillwater Fire Department administrative office, 742-8308, or the Water Utilities Service Center, 533-8048.

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