Over the Thanksgiving holiday, three dogs found permanent homes through the Stillwater Humane Society’s “Home for the Holidays” program. During the Christmas holiday, the Humane Society will have numerous dogs and cats looking for a home to spend the holidays in.

The three dogs were sheltered at the Humane Society and fostered by families during the Thanksgiving break — when it was time to bring the fostered animals back, all three families decided to keep the dogs.

Jackie Ross-Guerrero, director of the Humane Society, hopes that something similar will happen over the Christmas holiday.

“Hopefully the foster families will fall in love with them and adopt,” she said.

The program will place dogs and cats at the Humane Society in foster homes during the times when the society is closed for the holidays. Those dates are Dec. 23 until Dec. 28 and Dec. 30 until Jan. 4.

“I think its important for animals to have a great holiday like we’re doing,” said Ross-Guerrero. “Our goal is to get as many cats and dogs out of the Humane Society so they can celebrate the holidays.

Through the foster program, the Humane Society will provide all the necessities for the pet. Ross-Guerrero said they will provide food, bedding, bowls, a collar and leash. She added that kennels will be provided while they last.

Those interested in fostering an animal will have the opportunity to pick their pet before Dec. 23. Ross-Guerrero said she will ask prospective families some questions such as their landlord’s policy on pets.

Paula Darnell and her son, Cole, fostered their dog Paisley over Thanksgiving. Paula said she found out about the foster program because her son had been doing community service at the Humane Society. They decided to foster an animal and after the holiday was over, the family decided to adopt. “There was no way we were going to send him back,” she said. “He is awesome.”

The foster dogs may be returned to the Humane Society on Dec. 28 and Jan. 4 or the families may adopt them. Animals who are not fostered will remain at the Humane Society. Ross-Guerrero also said the Humane Society will provide information in case of emergency with each family.

“I hope they start 2011 in forever homes instead of at the shelter,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is that all the animals will be in foster homes.”

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