A recent survey by Oklahoma State University found an overwhelming majority of all Oklahomans support the 2003 state law limiting smoking inside most workplaces and many want to see the law strengthened.

The survey, conducted in May and June of 2006, was led by Dr. Josh Wiener, director of the Center for Social and Services Marketing in the Spears School of Business at OSU.

Of the 800 Oklahomans surveyed, 84 percent favor Oklahoma state law prohibiting smoking in most public places and workplaces, including restaurants. Only 10 percent oppose the law.

The survey found that 93 percent of all Oklahomans, including more than 70 percent of smokers, believe that all Oklahoma workers should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.

Ninety percent of Oklahomans believe the rights of customers and workers to breathe clean air is more important than the right of smokers to smoke inside restaurants, bars and other indoor workplaces.

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