I don’t understand this dogma about Stillwater’s Smithsonian, a.k.a the Children’s Museum. It might draw a few families downtown like Jasmine Moran does in Seminole, but have you known parents with kids in tow to have the time to window shop?

I’m not against activities for the kids. A splash park at Boomer, Stickland or Couch parks is an absolutely fantastic idea! A splash park across from the NewsPress is just wacky!

A children’s museum wouldn’t be a bad idea either, if closer to more family-oriented centers like the library and Multi-Arts.

But it may actually hurt downtown. For one, a large space already set up for retail is now off the market. And really, who will want to put a bar or nightclub next to the Children’s Museum and Life Church?

Plus, did the city have to step in and buy another building? Is the Community Center full? If the museum has such great support, wouldn’t private donations provide enough funds for a building?

I’ve been in Paris on the prairie almost 30 years. The growth in retail and restaurants has never been better. Even if one fails, there seems to be two ready to fill its place.

Those businesses and their customers are telling you what they want, and where they want to be. They are telling you what works and what doesn’t in the retail and restaurant markets. You’re just not listening.

It’s past time to face a little reality.

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