K.A. Mansy is absolutely right, I was clearly informed by the local Muslim community that history written by those who were not Muslims is not valid. Only what they say is true. Joel Moore’s letter is also well taken; however, he overlooks the point that history is still being written and that we did not slaughter the interred Japanese Americans during World War II, we fed them, sheltered them and let them go after the war. How many hundreds of thousands of Muslims have died at the hands of other Muslims recently in Iraq and Sudan? Before that it was Rwanda. To ignore or deny this brutality is to condone it.

A Muslim woman with a fine mind, Irshad Manji, writes the following in her book “The Trouble with Islam.” At the end of page 186 she says, “We (Muslims in the West) have the luxury of exercising civil liberties, especially free expression, to change the tribal tendencies. Are we leveraging that freedom? Are enough non-Muslims challenging us to do so?”

Freedom of speech is not authorized in many Muslim countries. This makes the point that in spite of their objections, they need our help to point out the practices that are clearly unacceptable in a modern world. We don’t want to revert to seventh century morality.

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