Finally a brave Islamic man in Stillwater has emerged. S.A. Elfeel wrote a scholarly and factual letter entitled “Is it Fair?” outlining the horror of the al-Qaeda thugs in their murder of Islamics. He points out that they have killed more Islamics than Americans. Al-Qaeda objectives would create a worldwide shortage of freedom loving Islamics, Jews, Christians and other Infidels. Elfeel’s letter is sincere and as much or more concerned about Islamic terrorism than most letters to the NewsPress. He clearly wants to stop al-Qaeda.

Sitting Bull’s challenge “men to the front … cowards to the rear” has been answered. Elfeel is truly a man of courage that Sitting Bull would admire. If one Islamic man is willing to stand up in Stillwater, likely there are dozens or scores of similar brave freedom loving Islamics in Stillwater. Christians, Jews and freedom loving Islamics must stand together in solidarity to preserve freedom.

Terrorists of every kind, whether Army of God or al-Qaeda, must be defeated and must not be given sanctuary within churches, synagogues or mosques. They must be hunted down, destroyed or imprisoned. Their poisonous venomous theology must be refuted by rational doctrines. In summary, Elfeel, has earned the respect of Stillwater for standing up and being counted. It takes real manhood to go public and champion such noble thoughts.

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