Our president seems to want to get us into trouble. He focuses on the wrong people, then instigates situations and expects others to do his bidding. The war is a very good example. Our towers were hit and we are in a war with Iraq, but last time we all looked, it was Bin Laden who we needed to answer for the deed. Get the head of the snake and the bite will be no more!

Now our government wants to make a big push on immigration, but are they playing fair? Last time I looked, our country had four borders to protect. Are we going to build a wall or keep our troops on duty on all borders? As most are seeing, the Mexico border is focused on, while other borders are unguarded.

Putting a wall up as they did in Germany turned out to be a lost cause, and to focus on one group of people is wrong. I feel as most people we need a new system in place so that we can screen and keep track of all people who come into this country, and we should not let them have all the rights our citizens do until they are citizens of this country. We go to their countries and we do not get the rights that their citizens have, and we are not always welcomed with open arms.

If rules are going to be put in place, then it must apply to all who cross our borders and if they commit crimes, then they must also answer to our rules and the laws of this country. Don’t let our mind focus on one group of people, for we have been shown that anyone, even some here in our country, can be a threat to our safety. Being educated on all who come to the United States can keep us safe. I support immigration laws, but let’s be fair.

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