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September 28, 2012

Oklahoma State still mum on Wes Lunt's health

Paddle People also being muzzled by Big 12.

STILLWATER, Okla. — Contrary to his own words, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy will keep mum on the status of Wes Lunt for Saturday’s game with Texas.

Following the Louisiana-Lafayette game in which Lunt sustained a knee injury, Gundy said “We will release injury information on our players in this game, Friday before the next game (which would be the Texas game).

“We put a procedure in place where we put out an injury report on the Friday before a game, and we have an open week so we’ll follow that out of respect for the players any time there’s an injury.”

That isn’t the case any more. Oklahoma State’s sports information office sent out a media advisory Friday that said this:

“We know injury reporting has been a hot-button issue around college football in recent weeks, and we experimented with releasing injuries on Fridays. However, those reports have led to unintended consequences.

“We will not issue an injury report this week but we will continue to evaluate the best way to address this issue moving forward.”

Lunt’s left leg was immobilized last week and the cast was supposed to have been cut off on Monday, according to Gundy, and the true freshman quarterback was to wear in a removable brace.

During Monday’s press conference, Gundy mentioned the earliest it was likely Lunt would be in practice would have been Thursday — which would at most give him two days to work on things for Texas’ vaunted defense, on a potentially still injured leg, after being sidelined for nearly two weeks.

In past weeks, OSU released injury reports on players who would be out for the week’s game, as well as whether a player was probable or questionable for action. For example, prior to the Louisiana-Lafayette game, an injury report stated starting center Evan Epstein and backup linebacker Lyndell Johnson would be out, while starting linebacker Alex Elkins was questionable.

But now, both Texas coaching staff and OSU fans will have to wait until the 6:50 p.m. kickoff, which will be aired on FOX (Suddenlink Channel 12 in Stillwater), to find out the status of Lunt — or any other Cowboy player.

OSU’s Paddle People being muzzled:

An Oklahoma State football tradition has come under fire this week. OSU’s Paddle People will no longer be allowed to bang their paddles against the padded side walls of Boone Pickens Stadium while the opposing offense is on the field.

Big 12 athletic directors passed a rule Wednesday that, effective immediately, prohibits artificial noise-makers at football games while the ball is in play or the offense is at the line of scrimmage.

Existing in-stadium traditions – like the Paddle People or Texas Tech’s bell-ringing – falls under the “Band/Audio Play” provisions of the Big 12. Bands and in-house music are not allowed during game action or after the offense has reached the line of scrimmage.

The Big 12 has said officials have the discretion to call a 15-yard penalty if the rule is broken.

While the Paddle People will be restricted, they will not be gone. As a statement on the Oklahoma State Athletics Facebook page reads:

“During a Big 12 Conference sportsmanship discussion this week, the Athletic Directors voted to not allow artificial noisemakers into league stadiums.

“At Coach (Mike) Holder’s request, the Paddle People were grandfathered in, but under the same parameters of play/padding as the band or other stadium music or noise.

“We will still see the Paddle People in Boone Pickens Stadium on Saturday.”

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