Stillwater News Press

October 16, 2010

OUR VIEW: Be informed, vote

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Editorial:

It’s safe to say that the true American pastime is complaining about our government. We exercise this right in coffee shops, the living rooms of our friends and in online forums across the country. But with that right what we too often take for granted is a responsibility too many of us neglect: The responsibility of our vote.

There is approximately one month left before the November election, and this election will help decide legislators, the way our schools are funded, what part Oklahoma will have in the national health care plan and other issues.

Come out of political hibernation and become involved in deciding Oklahoma’s future. There are a number of venues for voters to get more information including a forum this Friday that will play host to candidates seeking the state Legislature, a forum with speakers on all 11 state questions this Saturday and sample ballots that are available on the Payne County Election Board’s website and at

Lastly, we plan on sending out a survey of questions to candidates running in the November collection, and we would like your help. It’s not always easy to make it to the forums in town, and we want to know what questions you want candidates to answer. Send your question with a little about yourself to robannon@stwnewspress. Get involved, and exercise both your right and responsibility this November.