Stillwater News Press

May 26, 2010

Japanese film crew learning wonders of Stillwater

Comedians from Japan come to Stillwater to learn about the fine art of noodling

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Melissa Wills of the Stillwater NewsPress talks on camera with two Japanese comedians in Stillwater this week to learn about noodling. The two asked Wills for tips on finding the giant catfish and a local guide to show them how to nab the monsters with their bare hands.

 Fumitoshi Fujimoto and Takahiro Haranishi, members of the Japanese comedy group "Fujiwara," are in Stillwater this week to film a segment about noodling for a Japanese shocking video show. NewsPress photojournalist Chelcey Adami talked with the comedians. Learn more about the project and noodling in an upcoming edition of the NewsPress.