Fred Gulley

Stillwater NewsPress

Oklahoma State’s men’s basketball team has lost a starter for the season because of a shoulder injury.

Sophomore guard Fred Gulley will be sidelined for the rest of the season because of a bone cyst in one of his shoulders.

“That’s something we’re probably going to take care of now,” Gulley said Thursday. “I’ll probably have surgery as early as next week. That’s probably a three to four month recovery time, so returning this season is not likely.

“My bone didn’t fully develop there, so it turned into a cyst because of that. It’s nothing cancerous. It’s actually something that’s pretty regular, it’s just in an irregular spot.”

OSU coach Travis Ford said Gulley will be able to take a medical redshirt this season, giving him three more years of competition.

“It’s good that he’ll be able to get a redshirt year under his belt and this time next year, he’ll only be a sophomore and be 100 percent healthy,” Ford said. “It’s very disappointing because I know how much he loves playing, how much he loves competing. But then again, he’s been playing through a lot of pain.”

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