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December 19, 2013

Cowboy players enjoying light bowl schedule

STILLWATER, Okla. — School is out and the bowl game is still two weeks away.

With a light schedule, which still includes practices, Oklahoma State football players are finding ways to fill the dead time around the practice schedule.

Cowboy senior quarterback Clint Chelf is continuing with what he usually does — taking in movies at the theater with his roommates.

A week after dressing up to see the latest Hobbit movie — which included photos on social media that were a buzz around Stillwater — the Enid native took in Anchorman 2 Thursday night.

“It’s tough to beat the first one, but this one was really funny though,” Chelf said. “I will say that it surprised. I thought it was just going to be just repetitive. But it’s good.”

The OSU quarterback said there was no getting dressed up for this movie, though they had discussed getting suits from a thrift store to get into the spirit of the sequel starring Will Ferrell.

“We thought about it. We thought about going and grabbing suits, but we didn’t,” Chelf said. “We didn’t go through with it.”

Though no suits were purchased, the discussion of which roommate would be which character from the movie was knocked around.

According to Chelf, linebacker Caleb Lavey would have been the main character — Ron Burgandy — largely for the fact that Lavey was sporting a mustache.

“Caleb was growing out his mustache, so he could be Ron Burgandy was what we thought,” the Enid native said. “He would have been a good one. At some point in time in the movie, I thought I was listening to Caleb talk because he sounds like Ron Burgandy some times.”

As for Chelf, he said he would have been Brian Fantana, played by actor Paul Rudd.

“I would have gone with Brian because he has long hair, too,” Chelf said.

Though there is no telling if or when the Cowboy players will dress up for another movie, senior linebacker Shaun Lewis — who was late to the party for the Hobbit movie and just wore an OSU hoodie and held a sword — would love to see it happen again.

“It’s fun. Those guys have fun,” Lewis said. “It was just a fun experience.”

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