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September 4, 2013

Record-breaking night puts Geer in the spotlight


Ever since she was a freshman, Stillwater High School senior volleyball player Carley Geer wanted one thing — for someone to notice her.

Geer, the team’s libero, typically hides along the backline, pulling up dig after dig without so much as a cheer from her coaches and teammates. 

That all changed Tuesday against Southmoore. For once, she was in the spotlight as players, coaches, fans and even the students watched as Geer became the Stillwater High School record holder for digs in a career.

“It means that I can make a mark in this world,” Geer said. “I can show girls younger than me, if you set your mind to something then you can achieve it, no matter what the circumstances are. It just made me proud that I can stand up for Stillwater.”

Geer’s road to breaking Jennifer Zhou’s record of 1,299 digs has been a long and sometimes thankless one. There were times when she doubted that she’d ever have an impact on the varsity squad — let alone be on top of the record books.

But through it all, she kept fighting — fighting for playing time, fighting for a starting spot and fighting just to be recognized walking down the halls of Stillwater High School.

“I fought for four years now just to be on the high school team,” Geer said. “Knowing that I can finally set a record is pretty amazing because I fought through everything to get my position, to get my varsity spot — everything.”

“As a freshman, we knew she was pretty good and as a sophomore she was pretty good,” Stillwater coach Jason Webber said. “As a junior, I knew that when she started climbing the ranks very quickly that the record would be hers, barring injury. Pretty much, she just had to buckle down, do her job and all the rest would come to her.”

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