Stillwater News Press

November 26, 2012

Stillwater Sports Minute: Gundy has his own way of getting over defeats

By Andrew Glover
Stillwater NewsPress


The Oklahoma State University football team had to quickly get over Saturday’s 51-48 overtime loss against its Bedlam rival Oklahoma. Coach Mike Gundy said he never really gets over losses.

“I’m going to wake up three years from now, talking about or thinking about this game, just like I did with the Holiday Bowl, the Cotton Bowl and just like the Texas game this year,” Gundy said.

Gundy said the team didn’t have its usual practice on Sunday but had a comedy hour.

“I think they needed it,” Gundy said. “Some people even one of my own kids said ‘You lost why aren’t you practicing?’ He gave me certain things we need to practice on and I agreed with everything he said. ... For the most part they needed a little bit of a break. We spent an hour and a half together watching comedians.”

Coach said he was able to put the loss in perspective, once the team left Norman.

“Do wish we would have tackled better? Yes. Do I wish we would have hit some of those deep throws? Yes. Do I wish we wouldn’t have allowed that punt return? Yes. Do I wish we didn’t onside kick it and the  ball bounced to them on the 50? Yes. On the flip side (Oklahoma) has some yeses too. 

“Ultimately at the end of the day, they prepared well, played hard, gave good effort. In the overtime we got tired and they knocked us down, ran over us and scored on the last play. Before I was on the bus, I was OK with it.”