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June 17, 2014

Youth volleyball camp under way at Stillwater High

STILLWATER, Okla. — Youth camps are in full swing around the area, including the Stillwater High youth volleyball camp which began Monday at Pioneer Fieldhouse.

The volleyball camp, run by Pioneer volleyball coach Jason Webber and several former volleyball players throughout Oklahoma, features three sessions – with the first dealing with the most impressionable bunch – the elementary aged players.

“This age group has a lot of fun,” Webber said. “It’s a lot of fun to get to where we can start teaching them the basics and get them on the right track as far as their skills.

“It’s funny, because each session kind of goes the same. They have to have the same skills no matter what level. So it’s neat with this young age group to see the light in their eyes as they are finding out this new sport and enjoying it.”

Webber said he had a three to one ratio – campers to coaches – for the beginner’s level camp that kicked off the camp Monday morning. Several of the coaches are players from the high school team – players that the younger campers are looking up to in the community.

“It’s fantastic. We have four players who are either currently playing or is an ex-player,” Webber said. “It’s neat to see these girls stay involved in young girls’ lives. Yes, they are teaching them the skills of volleyball, but they are also teaching them the skill of hard work and never giving up.”

The Pioneer coach said he felt the numbers were below what he was expecting, due to several factors.

“I was expecting a little more, but we’re taking a hit with getting the word out there and a lot of camps overlapping,” Webber said. “And then there’s also the fact that some times the economics of the community drives it, so some years are better than others.”

But Webber stressed the importance of getting young kids involved in the sport at an early age if they hope to continue playing the sport in high school.

“The more touches one gets at a high-quality level, meaning good instruction, the more touches they get of that nature, its very valuable once they get to the high school level to where they’ve had that pattern engrained so much in their mind that they can perform these skills fluidly,” Webber said.

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