Stillwater News Press

November 12, 2013

Football is a family affair for the Weathers

By Andrew Glover
Stillwater NewsPress

COYLE, Okla. — Father-son relationships can sometimes be tricky on the playing field — especially when that connection shifts to player-coach. For Coyle coach Shane Weathers and his two sons Ryan and Jared, it’s one that works well.

“When we are on the field, biologically I’m their dad but I’m their coach and treat them just like any other player,” coach Weathers said. “I may be a little over the top with them. I expect a lot out of them and I don’t think they would want any other way.”

Ryan, who is in his senior year and started at quarterback the last three years, said they have great communication with each other and can leave what happens on the field on the field.

“Sometimes we will talk about (practices and games) in the living room or the next day at practice,” Weathers said. “... We leave it on the field but when we don’t have anything to talk about, it will be about football.”

Coach Weathers said Ryan and his senior class have provided great leadership in leading Coyle to its third straight playoff appearance.

“We’ve had a good year with their leadership,” Weathers said. “It goes hand in hand. when you are a senior and it’s time for you to lead this team, you have good examples.”

Jared is a sophomore backup quarterback and is also a defensive back and fits in on the offense to block. This season, Weathers got to fill in for Ryan at quarterback against Welch. Jared said he was pretty nervous in that game.

“I was pretty confident once I did it,” Weathers said. “I didn’t do too bad.”

Jared said he has enjoyed learning under his brother and will help next year when he becomes the starter.

“It’s a lot quicker than junior high,” Weathers said. “You have to think a lot faster.”

Ryan said he thought his younger brother played well and looks forward to him playing quarterback next season but will have high expectations.

“I will be coming back to watch them play,” Weathers said. “I will be very judgmental. I bet they will be good. They are dropping back down to C.”

Coach Weathers said it took time for Ryan to get used to his younger brother being on the team.

“Last year, big brother wasn’t ready for him to play,” Weathers said. “This year, Jared stepped in and big brother is welcoming him with open arms. They are playing really well together.”

Weathers said Jared has really stepped up this year and is impressing him and his staff.

“He’s able to pop people,” Weathers said. “He’s not very big but he will light you up. ... Jared takes a lot of pride in making tackles.”

The senior quarterback is down to the end of his high school career but hopes that doesn’t come for awhile.

“This is my last year and I don’t want to go out with a sick feeling,” Weathers said. “I’m hoping to play hard Friday and get to the second.”

Coach Weathers said his son Brendon will play for him in a couple years, when Jared is a senior. The coach said he hopes Coyle’s success continues even when he doesn’t have any of his own kids playing.

“We want to continue this,” Weathers said. “We fought a long time when we started this program to get to this level. Hopefully we can take it up another level and get a state championship.”