Stillwater News Press

April 14, 2014

Quick 5 with Donnie Hoffman, Ripley baseball coach

By Andrew Glover
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — 1. How did you get interested in coaching?

  I have always enjoyed working with young people and I love athletics, particularly baseball and basketball. I believe competitive sports can teach numerous life skills such as discipline, dedication, determination, skills that are essential for being success through out a persons life. I hoped that I could be a positive Christian influence in the lives of kids.

2. Did you play baseball, if so what position?

I grew up playing baseball and basketball. I mostly played catcher, centerfield and first base.

3. What drew you to Ripley?

Ripley is home, I grew up on a small pecan farm southeast of Stillwater I graduated from Ripley years ago. I spent 13 years at the State Department of Vo-Tech. When I finished my degree from Oklahoma State, I got the opportunity to return as the high school science teacher, 20 years later I'm teaching eighth grade history and have been the head baseball coach now for 12 seasons.

4. How does playing baseball in the fall and spring help?

There is no question being a fall and spring school is an advantage. But, it is not just being a fall and spring school, it is the fact we pick up a baseball around March 1 and we keep it in our hands until October 1. Most people do not spend that much time at it. They work hard, and are committed to getting better. I believe that's why we have the success we have.

5. What do you think about your team’s success so far this season?

I'm very proud of these young men and I believe they still have a lot to accomplish this season. We are trying to get better each week.