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November 21, 2013

Quinata becomes household name for Morrison football fans

MORRISON, Okla. — Football coaches always like it when they receive good athletes. When those athletes come from one family — that’s something special. During his coaching career at Morrison, Cory Bales has been blessed to coach Joey, Dylon and Jordan Quinata.

“They are hard-nosed athletes,” Bales said. “They are tough kids and very talented athletes.”

Joey Quinata played from 2005 to 2008 and started as a freshman — playing fullback and defensive end. The eldest brother was a part of four-straight state championships, including Morrison’s first as an 11-man school.

“It was awesome,” Joey Quinata said. “Every year was a new year. The coaches were so intelligent about football. As teammates we had each other’s backs.”

For Joey Quinata, the championship that was most special was his senior year in 2008, as his younger brother Dylon was a freshman.

“I was definitely happy,” Joey Quinata said. “I wanted to play with him. It was amazing having him on the field with. It was a lot of fun and I new he had my back.”

Dylon, who played from 2008 to 2011 said he had a special relationship with his older brother and liked his work ethic.

“When I was growing up he was the only father figure in my life,” Dylon Quinata said. “Our dad was in the military. My older brother showed coach I can get the job done. We worked well together to be the most successful players.”

Jordan Quinata said it was neat getting to see his brothers win a championship, adding it inspired him.

“It was fun to watch and it was exciting,” Jordan Quinata said. “I couldn’t be more excited to play and win championships myself.”

Bales said Joey Quinata was a hard-nosed runner and a solid defensive player.

“He was a powerful runner and a solid defensive end that could get around the edge,” Bales said.

Dylon Quinata said his older brother taught him to have a good work ethic.

“He was in the weight room day in and day out,” Dylon Quinata said. “I enjoyed watching him and wanted to be better for him.”

Bales said Dylon was a different kind of runner than Joey but was very good.

“He was more finesse,” Bales said. “He was really good at finishing runs.”

Jordan Quinata burst onto the scene last season starting as a running back in his freshman season. In his first season, the youngest of the three brothers rushed for 1,220 yards and scored 14 touchdowns. This season, Jordan Quinata is in his first season as starting quarterback. Bales said he is the most elusive runner of the three.

“He’s the fastest of the three,” Bales said. “He is good at running side to side.”

Dylon Quinata said he and his younger brother have a close relationship and our very competitive with each other.

“After games he would come home and tell me how many yards and touchdowns he got,” Dylon Quinata said. “Then I would shoot statistics back at him and we would go back and forth awhile. It is fun.”

Jordan Quinata said Dylon was the best player — simply because he had better stats than him. However both Dylon and Joey said by far Jordan was the best.

“It’s amazing what Jordan has done,” Joey Quinata said. “We do things the same way but Jordan has more finesse. He does it all. He also hits hard.”

“It’s amazing how explosive he is now,” Dylon Quinata said. “He was a lineman in fifth grade. It’s crazy how he can do so much more than that.”

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