Stillwater News Press

January 17, 2012

Stilly Studio: Stillwater band Admirals talks live shows and goals

By Chase Rheam

STILLWATER, Okla. — A Stillwater band is playing shows and readying a six-song EP for release in the near future.

Admirals lead singer and guitarist Colton Tucker said he writes the group’s lyrics about everyday feelings.

“I haven’t really gotten into a lot of story writing yet,” said Tucker. “I mean, I’m still kind of young. I don’t have any Bob Dylan stories or anything. Some of the new songs are kind of geared toward more of a serious message about life and living in the moment.”

Tucker is joined by keyboard player Andrew Bair, drummer Cory Brewer and bass player Brett Murphy.

Bair describes the group’s music as “kind of underground” but “not unreachable.”

“We’re just always working toward exposing the music to people, whatever method possible,” he said as he laughed. “A lot of that is playing shows and a lot of that is behind the scenes and emails and phone calls and reading emails and then crying yourself to sleep because they don’t email you back, you know. What are you going to do?”

The group has been touring in support of their music. The band recently played a show at The College Bar in Stillwater.

“We play around Oklahoma a lot,” said Bair. “We play in Texas some and we’re playing in Missouri next month and so like a lot of little weekend trips.”

The band will also complete a small tour this summer, he said.

Admirals, while playing songs that aim at everyday life, also knows when to be less serious.

“We like our fans to have fun,” said Brewer.

He recalled having a half full beer thrown at him mid-song at a concert.

“It was (in) a good way,” he said. “He was a friend of mine. They were partying on stage, basically.”

While the group has a tight knit collection of fans and friends, it is gaining new fans at every show.

“We look for those venues where there’s people there, but no one knows who the heck we are and so, in people not knowing who we are, hopefully win them over,” said Bair.

A release date for the group’s upcoming EP has not been set.

Group members Tucker and Brewer met in sixth-grade, forming a band at age 14.

“So we did that for like four years, and then we played in our high school band contest, and we won that, and we’ve known (Brett) since high school,” said Tucker.

Murphy’s roommate had a band headlining a show, and Tucker and Brewer were set to open the show but were missing a bassist. Murphy offered to step in and play. Bair met the band members in the last couple of years, he said.

“I had a friend who introduced them to me at a party and I saw them play. It was at a house party, I think, and I enjoyed them, and we had talked about I was going to record their album,” said Bair. “I was going to record a demo for them and just in the process of kind of like getting together and recording these songs, I helped play some keyboard and synth stuff and we’re just like, ‘Why not? Why not just play?’”

All four members, under the age of 23, are set to prove themselves.

“We just want to get our name out there as much as we can, just make it viral,” said Murphy.

While many of the members expressed their appreciation for the art and love of music, Tucker said he liked the idea of music expressing a message.

“A lot of people don’t have that voice,” he said. “Either you go be a politician or you have to be rich and powerful, but music you don’t have to, and I feel it’s really nice that we’re all kind of educated, and I feel like we can put across a positive message that will help people out.”

For more information on Admirals, visit or on Twitter at @admiralstheband.