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The nonprofit Central Oklahoma Adult & Teen Challenge helps men struggling with life controlling issues. They are celebrating two years in Stillwater.

What was once a decrepit and vacant building on 3014 South Main in Stillwater, through much labor and renovation, has become the location for life change and addiction recovery. 

Two years ago, after receiving overwhelming support from the city council and residents of Stillwater, Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma state director Wayne Gray decided to open one of seven Oklahoma ATC locations in Stillwater.

“The city council meeting regarding the new Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma location was packed,” Gray said. “We assumed they were there to dispute us entering Stillwater, but we were welcomed with open arms.”

Now celebrating their two-year anniversary, Central Oklahoma Adult & Teen Challenge is a nonprofit, long-term, faith-based, residential recovery program for men 18 and over. They help men struggling with life controlling issues; such as drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and any other issue which is negatively controlling one’s life. 

They are added to the ranks of Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma, which includes; two additional men’s programs, two adult women’s programs, and two adolescent programs. 

In an interview with Todd Adams, Executive Director of COATC, we look back at the impact and success that this non-profit organization has had on this community over the past two-years. 

“Hundreds of men and their families have been impacted by this Central Oklahoma Adult & Teen Challenge location,” Adams said. “They may not all complete our program, but for the duration of time they are here, we strive to serve them and help them transform their life through education, mentoring, and discipline; all based on Biblical principles. We see men graduating our program and going on to lead successful lives. Many stay here and work to help others with their addiction.”

For those that do graduate the program, a recent study conducted by the Center for Compassion at Evangel University confirms that an astonishing 78% of graduates from Adult & Teen Challenge addiction recovery centers remain sober and substance free post-graduation.”

“The program is tough at times, but anything worth having takes effort,” Adams said. “We push our men to be better versions of themselves, so they can reach their God-given potential and return to their families as productive members of society.”

COATC currently services around 40 men in our community and surrounding areas, but with a 60-man occupancy, they continue to have availability in their program. While many long-term programs are very expensive, the men enrolled in COATC are able to finance a portion of their program through daily work in various supervised jobs.

“Our men work during the day at labor jobs, car washes, and our Super Thrift store that are all supervised by our staff and leaders,” Adams said. “As many of you know, these men have excellent work ethic and character which we help develop through our program. We are always looking for new sources of work for these men to help support their program, so give us a call if you have a need.”

Since their founding in 1960, Adult & Teen Challenge has developed well-established curriculum that they administer to the men daily in the mornings and evenings at their Stillwater facility.

“We have excellent teachers that have given their lives to teach these men a better way to live,” Adams said. “Adult & Teen Challenge is a great program, and the curriculum really helps facilitate the change in these men’s lives. We are grateful to have this great town’s support, and we look forward to servicing the needs of this community for many years to come. We would love for you all to get involved.”

Be on the look out for upcoming open houses, where you can tour the facility and see COATC’s future vision to continue developing and impacting Stillwater. 

If you our someone you know is struggling with addiction or other life controlling issues, call Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma at 405-332-5648. 

For immediate help go to www.okteenchallenge.com for a list of resources provided by this organization.   

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