By Woody Harris

Jerry Moeller, president and C.E.O. of the Stillwater Medical Center, presented the program for the Golden K Kiwanis Club recently. Moeller joined SMC in 1994 and served 11 years in his present position. Under his leadership, SMC has become a dominant healthcare provider in northern Oklahoma. Moeller started his hospital career in Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City and has over 30 years experience in hospital management.

Moeller mentioned planned additional medical services to be provided at the SMC, in cardiology, a specialist in angioplasty and the use of stents, oxygen therapy and spine surgery.

The SMC has purchased acreage along 12th Street to move hospital storage and various other areas of SMC services, now scattered over Stillwater, to this location. The new Hospitalist program has reduced the average hospital stay from 5.5 days to 3.3 days in its first month of operation.

The shortage of properly trained nurses, medical technicians and other hospital personnel is a problem for most hospital administrators. Moeller recently attended an “Oklahoma Hospital Association” meeting and according to their survey of the member hospitals 43 percent of the administrators had changed in the last three years.

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