Greg Swaim, Collegiate Sports Recruitment Specialist spoke to the club about OSU and Big 12 Sports. He mentioned that season tickets to Women’s Basketball are a real buy at $40.00.

He broadcasts a radio sports program from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday over 105.5 and his web sites at His programs are live and remote from his home in Garber, Okla.

Greg holds ‘Basketball Shoot-Outs” during the summer for players from high school basketball teams. This includes playing in front of college basketball coaches, who come voluntarily to observe promising high school players. This is an opportunity for those players who have not been seen in action by college and university coaches.

There are as many as 300 participants that attend these “Shoot-Outs”.

Greg helps these players set up their own web pages and offers suggestions for their Recruitment Strategies.

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