Dr. Mike Kizer, agricultural engineering professor at Oklahoma State University, recently discussed the OSU-Libya Agricultural Exchange with the Stillwater Noon Kiwanis.

Recently, Libya and the United States have resumed diplomatic relations.

The minister of agriculture in Libya has some agricultural concerns and asked some OSU professors for input, so Dr. Kizer and other OSU professors visited Libya. The OSU professors visited several agricultural facilities and met many graduates of American agricultural universities including OSU. While there, one topic discussed was waste water treatment. The group observed water treatment facilities that were built but never operated.

Since Libya receives very little rainfall annually, it is a very dry country. Libya has engineered a man-made river project that consists of several drilled water wells in the desert, and the water is transported by pipeline up to 900 km. to urban and agricultural areas. Newly normalized relations allows Libyans to purchase American irrigation systems and farm equipment which benefits both countries. Since 75 percent of all food in imported in Libya, the government is hoping that the exchange of new technologies and equipment will help increase domestic agricultural production.

The group was fortunate to visit the Roman ruins in Tripoli which are some of the best preserved due to the lack of rainfall.

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