Aspen is a very special little dog, she is about 6 months old, she is a husky mix, and she is deaf.

This young lady was found running around with her brother Togo, and no one stepped up to claim either of them so landed with us. Aspen is incredibly smart and willing to learn but she needs a patient understanding person that can work with her to train her and keep her safe. Being deaf, she doesn't understand how loud that famous husky howl is but just in the week she's been with us she's starting to learn that if she makes a lot of noise she doesn't get attention.

Training a deaf dog isn't an easy task and is very time consuming so Aspen needs some one willing to put in the work with her. Huskies are known for having A LOT of energy and Aspen is young as well. While she might be a crazy little girl that bounces across the yard in every direction, when she realizes you're there and wanting to give attention she can't stop herself from crawling into your lap to cover you with kisses. She's been good with other dogs but we aren't sure how she would do with cats or young kids because she is so rambunctious right now she could knock them over.

She isn't very big at only 24 pounds and probably won't get too much bigger so she's the perfect size for a grab and go hiking or running partner. She is currently enrolled in the Dogs of Lincoln program so she goes to school Tuesday through Friday to learn some manners. Her graduation date is Sept. 20 and that's when she will be able to go to her new home so feel free to stop by the Humane Society of Stillwater on the weekends or after 2 p.m. to visit her and fall in love. Because she's in school it gives potential adopters the chance to get their house ready for a new little pup. Aspen deserves to go to a loving family and we hope to be able to find her one.

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