Would you like to help the Humane Society of Stillwater win a million dollar makeover?

A web site called Zootoo.com, which is for animal lovers about animals has created a nation wide contest meant to raise awareness in communities as to the location and function of their neighborhood shelters. Zootoo staff found that most people do not even know where their animal shelter is located as well as being unclear about services offered. Zootoo.com has the answer to those questions, including a map.

Now about that million dollar makeover; our humane society got a late start. Being a month behind about 550 other shelters that had already signed up, the original thought was that we could never catch up. Not so! With some very dedicated volunteers, the Humane Society of Stillwater is in 27th place with only 109 volunteers signed up. You can be one of our volunteers and you never have to leave your house.

Go to zootoo.com and sign up. Make sure to validate your zootoo.com account through your e-mail or it doesn’t count. Pick the Humane Society of Stillwater as your shelter of choice, zip code 74074. Just signing up gives us 100 points. Do not pick the Animal Welfare/Control shelter as we cannot get points. Our officers at Animal Welfare called Zootoo to verify this. We told them that we were helping our local Humane Society win the makeover. They looked at how fast we are gaining points and commented that our group is “on fire”.

Once signed in, click on “volunteer” and choose what skills you have that would help the shelter for an extra 100 points. Remember, we said you don’t have to leave your house, so we don’t really expect you to come down and help, but if you really want to, you can. Refer friends for 100 points for you and also for each friend who signs up. You can review products for 20 points and news articles for eight points. This is how the points add up, getting us closer to our goal. Call the Humane Society of Stillwater for other tips on how to gain points for our shelter.

If you find yourself getting a little bleary eyed behind your computer and you want to take a break, come on down to visit the animals. Zootoo.com will give you the directions. Or if you just want to see our pets without leaving the comfort of your home, go to www.stillwater.petfinder.com or www.hsstillwater.petfinder.com .


Neutered male, white Schnauzer.

Neutered male, 5 month old, Rat Terrier/ Border Collie mix.

Spayed female, sable and white Collie mix.

Female, gold Australian Shepherd/ Collie mix.

Female Walker Coonhound.

Female, house trained, brindle Pit Bull Terrier.

Neutered male, black Australian Shepherd/ Spaniel/ Retriever mix.

Female, house trained, red and white Heeler/ Collie mix.

Neutered male, red and white Heeler mix.

Female, red merle Boxer/ Miniature Australian Shepherd mix.

Male, dapple Dachshund.

Male, white and orange Basset Hound/ Beagle mix.


Male, cream and white, short hair.

Female, brown tabby and white, short hair.

Male, blue and white, long hair.

Male, black, short hair.

Female, brown tabby and white, short hair.

Litter of kittens, black smokes and brown tabbies with medium-long hair.

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