What the local response to coronavirus might look like

The State Department of Health on Sunday reported that a Stillwater woman in the 65-older age group has died from COVID-19.

It is the 24th death due to COVID-19 OSDH has reported for Stillwater. There are now 47 deaths due to COVID-19 in Payne County. Among counties with more than 5,000 total reported cases, Payne County has the third-fewest deaths. Payne County has now recorded 8,360 cases. Leflore County, with 5,234 cases, has had 44 deaths, and Cherokee County, with 5,419 cases, has had 43 deaths. Payne County has the fewest reported deaths for counties with over 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 cases.

As of Monday, the health department had Payne County listed with 238 active cases, 155 of those were in Stillwater.

The state has seen marked drops in active cases, though some testing and reporting was interrupted by the winter storm. Hospitalization has also fallen to below 600 currently hospitalized in the state. Stillwater Medical posted Feb. 19, that unless there is a significant change, it would not post thrice weekly updates on COVID-19 patients. The last post reported nine total COVID-19 patients.

Oklahoma State University last posted an update Feb. 26 for testing results through Feb. 24. University Health Services tested 235 people and reported 11 positive cases – all were students, and none were employees. OSU also collected two self-reported cases.

OSU Athletics reported 0 active cases in all sports Feb. 28.

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