The Oklahoma State Health Department has reported the second positive test for COVID-19 in Payne County. OSDH also reported the state’s second fatality Sunday.

Oklahoma now has 67 positive cases confirmed with 102 pending, and 669 testing negative. Eleven people are currently hospitalized. In addition to state testing, there is also testing now being allowed through public-private partnerships. The Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma has received more than 300 tests from the state.

“The numbers of pending and negative test results remain fluid as we work to streamline the reporting process through this partnerships,” the OSDH release states.

Surrounding Payne County, there is 1 positive test in Logan County, 1 in Noble County and 3 in Pawnee County.

Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce posted on social media that he is “still awaiting additional details about the new Payne County case."

“…  but no matter what, we must all recognize that coronavirus is present and spreading in our community. Testing is still very limited and results are days behind. If you still feel like COVID-19 is not a concern for our community, you are wrong,” he wrote. “The City Council meets (via Zoom) tomorrow evening and we will be discussing what additional measures can be taken by the City to combat the spread. At this point, the biggest problem is convincing people at all levels to take these precautions seriously.

“I know that most of the Stillwater community is doing everything they can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please continue to help each other and keep each other safe. The best thing you can do is to act as if you have the virus and take every precaution possible to keep from giving it to someone else. Careless and selfish behavior at this point can result severe illness and death for those around you. Please be part of the solution.”

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