Novel Coronavirus

This illustration provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in January 2020 shows the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). 

A Perkins man has died of COVID-19, according to Friday’s report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The man, who was in the 65-older range, is the second fatality due to COVID-19 in Perkins. Payne County has had 12 deaths reportedly due to COVID-19 out of 2,772 total cases reported.

While ODSH has 12 reported deaths in Payne County, fatality counts from cities within Payne County total 13, with eight now in Stillwater, two in Cushing, two in Perkins and one in Yale.

In September, a Saxum representative hired as media relations for OSDH said it would be investigating the discrepancy, that it could be “an issue with a city name, county name or zip code. As cases are investigated, records will be updated and reflected in the data/dashboard.”

That one number difference has been the same in OSDH reporting since September.

Payne County currently has 222 active cases. Stillwater by far leads the county in active cases with 138, but has been trending somewhat downward in the daily average count. Thursday was a spike in new cases at 22, but most days within the last week have seen single-digit increases, including 4 new cases recorded Friday.

This time last week, Payne County has 220 active cases.

In its most recent report, Stillwater Medical posted that it had 13 people in its COVID-19 Unit, which included six in ICU.

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