Percentage by county of people 12-and-up who have been fully vaccinated.

Payne County’s vaccination rate has slowed along with the rest of the state, seeing only a .9 percent increase in people 12-and-up with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine over the past two weeks.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health began tracking those 12-and-up in the May 16-22 reporting period, shortly after that age group became eligible. In OSDH’s most recent report, which includes May 30 through June 5, 41.8 percent of that age group in Payne County had received at least one dose and 34.7 percent were fully vaccinated.

The 65-and-up age group in Payne County now has 66 percent fully vaccinated, an increase of .8 percent from two weeks ago. In that same time span, there was an increase in .4 percent to receive at least one dose. There are 78.7 percent in that age group with at least one dose. The single dose could also include the single-shot J&J vaccine, according to the OSDH. The data also does not include some federal entities that have administered vaccines.

Statewide, 30,309 doses were administered between June 1-9, bringing the total number of doses to 2,480,584. According to OSDH, 1,163,260 million have been fully vaccinated in Oklahoma – an increase of 35,064 over the past two weeks of reporting.

“I want to say a sincere thank you to all the Oklahomans who have stepped up to receive their COVID-19 vaccination and done their part to protect the lives and health of communities across the state,” Deputy Health Commissioner Keith Reed said in a press release. “This spring, we set a goal to administer three million doses by Memorial Day. Though we didn’t quite reach that goal, we had administered over 2.9 million doses by Memorial Day weekend. Many Oklahomans took action against COVID-19, and we’re very grateful for that.”

OSDH launched a statewide text message campaign earlier this month, saying that Oklahomans in areas across the state with lower vaccination rates may receive the messages.

“We are hopeful to reach Oklahomans with additional information about the vaccine to help them make an informed decision about whether to receive it,” Reed said in the release. “The text messages are not a scam and will never request personal information or money from the recipients. These are intended to provide information regarding available appointments near them and encourage people to learn more about getting the vaccine.” 

A series of three messages were sent June 4, June 9 and the third will be June 9.

Anyone interested in an appointment can view the portal at https://vaccinate.oklahoma.gov/en-US/.

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