Jasper is a neutered, beagle/Catahoula leopard mix puppy.

Our shelter is imposing new policies during Stillwater’s state of emergency. Until all City of Stillwater restrictions have been lifted we will not be taking owned pets except for in emergency situations. We will be taking in found pets from inside the City limits of Stillwater. 

 Please call us if you have lost your pet or found a pet, as usual.

We think that adopting a new pet during this time when you might be spending more time at home is a great idea. The dogs and cats that are already at the shelter as well as unclaimed strays will still need homes. We are limiting the number of people in the building.  We are also limiting animal intake to emergencies. Please call ahead before bring a pet. You must wear a mask to enter the animal shelter. If you do not have one, we can provide one for you. This does not include toddlers.

We will not be able to have volunteers or visitors unless you are considering adopting a pet or are looking for your lost pet. Animal Welfare is located at 1710 S Main St.  Animal Welfare is open from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. You may adopt one of our pets through the Humane Society of Stillwater during their open hours on the weekend as well as through our office during the week.

Animal Welfare’s phone number is 405-372-0334; e-mail animalwelfare@stillwater.org.

To see pictures of Animal Welfare pets, visit us on Facebook at Stillwater Animal Welfare or Stillwater.petfinder.com.

If our dogs or cats are not spayed or neutered yet, they will be before being sent to their new homes.


Neutered, large, blue pit bull terrier

Spayed, white and red terrier mix

Neutered, male, white with black, senior English setter mix


Many kittens and cats in many different colors.

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