The Mid South Gravel Race is looking for approval to shut down a few streets for a couple of days in March.

Sally Turner, Event Manager for the Mid South Gravel Race, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners for Payne County requesting closure of Husband Street between 6th and 7th streets for the annual bike race scheduled for March 13 and 14.

The race, recently rebranded to the Mid South from the Land Run 100, is held every year at the start of spring break when Oklahoma State University students are not in town.

In addition to bike courses of 100 and 50 miles, a 50-kilometer run is scheduled for individual runners or enthusiastic participants who also bike 100 miles. Turner anticipates having more than 3,100 participants in Stillwater for the event, coming from 47 states and 7 countries. More food trucks and activities are planned to make the occasion more like a festival than a bike race, Turner said.

The event was started in 2012 by District Bicycle Shop co-owner Bobby Wintle, who personally greets every participant at the finish line.

The commissioners approved the request to close Husband Street, but approval from the City of Stillwater is also necessary.

In other business, the commissioners approved the use of their meeting room for a Relay for Life luncheon on Feb. 21. The commissioners authorized a 1980 Mack Truck from District 1 to be sold at Elk City in a Circuit Engineering District Auction.

The commissioners issued a proclamation designating Feb. 17-21 as Farm Bureau Week in Payne County. Director John Early and County Secretary Taylor Benson were present for the signing of the proclamation.

Early emphasized the organization’s priority of supporting young persons in agriculture. He said that 787 families are members of the Payne County nonprofit organization which provides insurance as a benefit, not as a requirement for membership.

The proclamation notes that “the Payne County Farm Bureau has dedicated itself and its members to maintaining agriculture as an honorable and respected profession which has been the base for much of the economic prosperity in Payne County and the State of Oklahoma.”

In regular business, the commissioners approved payment of $308,604 of weekly purchase orders, including payment of $9,065 of dental expenses for an inmate who was injured in a fight at the county jail. Sheriff Kevin Woodward said the inmates responsible for causing the injuries had been billed for the costs of the dental treatment.

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