The Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education convened Tuesday to discuss multiple items related to the 2019-20 school year. The BOE also approved hirings for the next school year, as well as retirements/resignation following the completion of the 2018-19 school year.

Appointments that were approved for the next school year include a vocal music teacher at Richmond Elementary School, math teacher at Stillwater Junior High School, vocal music teacher at Skyline Elementary School, language arts teacher at SJHS, math teacher at SJHS, art teacher at Skyline Elementary, special services teacher at Will Rogers Elementary, instrumental music teacher at Stillwater Middle School, fifth grade teacher at Skyline Elementary School, fifth grade teacher at Westwood Elementary and a math teacher at SMS.

Resignations/retirements included: Michele Contreras, an orchestra teacher at SMS since 2014, Bethany Harder, a keyboarding teacher at Richmond/Skyline since 2018, Lori Liles, a business teacher at Lincoln Alternative Academy since 2013, Amy Shelite, a special services teacher at Stillwater High School since 2014, Karissa Thomas, an elementary teacher for SPS, Jana Vela, an enrichment teacher at Richmond Elementary since 2012, and Jennifer Watkins, a pre-k teacher at Will Rogers Elementary since 2003.

The BOE also approved the reemployment for several employees for the 2019-20 school year, as well as tabled appointments for a later meeting for the Public Relations & Communications Coordinator for SPS, Assistant Principal at SJHS and Assistant Principal at Richmond Elementary.

Also approved were encumbrances and accounts payable for general fund encumbrances totaling $1,147.99, building fund encumbrances totaling $191,100, child nutrition fund encumbrances totaling $139, Bond 31 fund encumbrances totaling $8,804.89, Bond 39 fund encumbrances totaling $278.25, Fund 31, 2017 Bond and BOKF account encumbrances totaling $891,342.48.

The meeting also included updates on various construction projects for SPS. The Sangre Ridge Elementary School renovation and expansion contingency and allowances were approved for $19,869.24 for intercom modifications and clarifications, $7,545.36 for laminated glass changes, $753.05 for troubleshoot/repair of fire alarm and door hold services and $279.62 for roof drain water extension.

For the construction management and contingency allowances for construction of the new Westwood Elementary School included $2,149 for a public address system, $14,583 for intercom and clock changes, $2,445.80 for easement revisions, $33,224.02 for marker boards/lockers, $364.56 for storefront adjustments at admin, $6,442.28 for primer for epoxy floors and $656.62 for finishes clarification.

Contingency and allowances for the Stillwater Middle School renovation and expansion included $20,935.09 for site utility conflicts at the gym, $2,032.83 for epoxy embeds for performing arts facility and $1,764.03 for tree pruning.

Even with all the rain the Stillwater area received in May, it is not foreseen that the rainfall will affect the completion date of these projects.

The BOE also heard information but decided not to take action for the Superintendent’s goals for the 2019-20 school year, which included: boosting moral, emotional student health, improving employee recruitment, selection and retention, enhancing district safety and security plan and procedures, strengthen district’s strategic planning process, advance professional learning communities at all sites, increasing communication with stakeholders and commencing with developing the 2023 bond issue plan.