Bobby Dee's

Since 1998, Bobby Dee has been operating a U-haul rental business on the west side of Stillwater.

Twenty two is the number of years Bobby D’s MotorSports has been in business in Stillwater.

Bobby Dee is a successful self-made business owner in Stillwater.

“It started 1998,” Dee said. “They (Stillwater News Press) actually did an article on me then.” 

Dee operates two essential services under one roof. His primary service is U-Haul rentals, while his secondary service is automobile detailing. 

“Now, I am more or less the U-Haul guy,” Dee said. “I still have my clientele from when I started out.”

In early 1998, Dee was working for several dealerships to gain experience. By working with the clients at these dealerships, he was able to build trust and relationships.

This networking opportunity started his clientele before his business even began.

“Now that I’ve got my regular clientele, I don’t do dealerships,” Dee said. “Drop it off and leave it with me and I’ll get it done.

“It used to be, drop it off in the morning and I’ll get done in the evening because that’s all I did, but now I do the rentals.”

When Dee’s own business began to take off, he focused on car detailing, but because his business is located near Oklahoma State University, U-Haul rentals grew his business beyond what he could imagine. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dee is now working by himself.

He says workers have come and gone over his 22 years, but that is a part of owning and operating one’s own business. He doesn’t let working alone stop him from taking time to get each job done right.

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