Power Station

Jonah Samuels/Stillwater News Press

The old Boomer Lake Station is being repurposed.

Boomer Lake Station provided electric power to the city of Stillwater since as early as 1956. 

The Council decided to begin the retiring process of the old energy station to pursue a more efficient option.

Staff began to brainstorm ideas and landed on beginning new construction to help maximize the new energy center’s abilities. The process of breaking ground on the new Stillwater Energy Center began in July 2015. The Stillwater Energy Center soon replaced Boomer Lake Station the following year in September 2016.

Since then, the staff has proposed for Boomer Lake Station to be used for other purposes in the near future. In February 2017, proposals were officially opened to the City of Stillwater to continue further research into repurposing the Boomer Lake Station.

This year the City Council agreed to allow different formal suggestions for the reuse of the facility. The submissions for suggestions pertaining to the facility closed on Aug. 23, with the City Council consideration period starting in October 2019. Both Crafton Tull Architecture and Engineering and Lakeview Landing submitted proposals/solutions to the reuse of Boomer Lake Station.

Lakeview Landings’ proposal responded to each of the request for proposal with answers consisting of multiple different ideas and options. A brewpub restaurant, retail, offices, residential and common gathering spaces were among these ideas to move forward with the reuse of Boomer Lake Station.

As the council reviewed this proposal, they came to the conclusion that it was a good approach to generate a sales tax in the city. They also said that it was a great way to help get citizens to interact with the park with different suggestions incorporating areas of the lake. With using the proposal as an opportunity to get people more involved putting in a beach, as well as using the Kameoka Trail as a part of the plan can steadily increase the stations attraction.

Crafton Full Architecture and Engineering did not reply to two of the RFP sections, which included the details of financial capacity to construct and operate the project as well as the purchase price. With that being said, according to the City Council, the team behind the proposal was very much informed and knowledgable about the proposal.

Their proposal included a multitude of things. A hotel, pool, restaurant, spa, and waterpark were main attractions to the proposal. The issue the city came across was the lack of integration with the lake. They felt as if it did not take all of what the lake had to offer into the proposal other than the idea of additional parking.

After reviewing and evaluating each of these proposals closely, the selection has been made. The unanimous decision goes to the Lakeview Landing LLC. The team that determined this choice included: Chamber of Commerce staff, City staff, a member of the Stillwater Downtown/Campus Link TIF Committee and the Mayor. The time period in which Boomer Lake Station will be in working order with its new proposal is undetermined but the starting processes have already begun.

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