Customers wanted it, now they get it. Pass Your Plate (1409 South Western in Stillwater) has expanded the menu to include other items such as side items, breakfasts as well as desserts that are all for expanded customer convenience.

According to ConAgra Foods, 70% of parents experience anxiety associated with the evening meal. In response to this statistic, do-it-yourself meal preparation was named as one of the hottest trends in the food industry in the December 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Pass Your Plate was recently named as one of the Top 100 New Franchises by Franchise Market Magazine.

Headquartered in Edmond, Pass Your Plate is a unique meal assembly center providing families with hassle-free meals that conveniently go from the refrigerator directly to the range, resulting in hours of saved time in the evening. With a dozen different entrées to choose from every month, customers go to Pass Your Plate’s professional kitchen, follow the simple directions using the fresh ingredients provided and assemble any number of meals desired. Each entrée feeds four to six people at a cost of less than $3.50 per serving. Packages have been created for added value and are explained in further detail on

“One of the biggest requests that we have received from our customers is to offer side items to accompany our entrees,” said Jim Quillen, founder of Pass Your Plate. “While customers are booking their sessions on, customers now have the option to purchase side items, breakfasts and desserts in addition to their meals. Our mission is to continue to create time-saving solutions for our customers on the go. This is just another step in the right direction.”

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