Dr. Daniel Adams,optometric physician at Adams Vision Center in downtown Stillwater, attended the Southwest Council of Optometry annual meeting this past weekend in Dallas, Texas.

Several hundred optometric physicians from around the country were there for continuing education. Many varied seminars were available, but Dr. Adams focused primarily on new procedures and treatments for ocular surface diseases. These break down into three categories: dry eye, blepharitis (a disease of the eyelid margins), and ocular allergy.

“People with ocular surface disease suffer from red, puffy, itchy, watery eyes,” Dr. Adams states. “They often find it difficult to wear contact lenses comfortably or work on computers for extended periods. Many people try self-medication with over the counter products, but they are rarely effective and often times do more harm than good.

“These days we have very good prescription medications for ocular surface disease, but the proper diagnosis and treatment is essential. Usually the cost of treatment and medication will be covered by medical insurance. No “vision plan” is necessary for such treatment because they are “medical conditions" and can be billed to one's medical insurance plan”.

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