Charges for suspect injured in shootout with deputy

James Jenkins

Multiple charges have been filed in Payne County District Court against the suspect who was injured in a shootout last month with a Payne County Sheriff’s deputy. James Clyde Jenkins III is facing counts of stalking, unlawful discharge of a firearm into a dwelling, possession of a firearm, attempting to elude and shooting with intent to kill.

The charges stem from a Nov. 16 into Nov. 17 incident when the Cushing Police Department was alerted to a call of shots fired during a domestic disturbance. He was later found by PCSO deputy Kory Carruba near 9th Avenue and Harmony Road. Carruba pursued Jenkins and according to court filings, Jenkins increased speed in attempt to elude with “reckless regard for the safety of other motorists.”

Jenkins is accused of firing a .22 caliber Ruger at Carruba during the pursuit.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which assisted in the investigation, reported that Jenkins “stopped, pointed a firearm at the deputy and shot multiple times.” Jenkins was shot multiple times and hospitalized in Tulsa.

Of the charges, shooting with intent to kill, carries the maximum sentence, punishable by imprisonment up to life.

The stalking charge comes from earlier in the night. Jenkins is accused of harassing, making unwanted phone contact and breaking a window of a residence in an attempt to have personal contact with the accuser.

Jenkins has reportedly move to Cushing after being released from nearly 17 years of prison following convictions of armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.