Stillwater is a city in transition. Monday’s City Hall meetings will be heavy on updates about ongoing projects, but it will also be an opportunity for some reflection. Stillwater City Council members, acting as trustees for the Stillwater Utilities Authority, will be asked to reject recycling service bids at the request of City staff.

According to the agenda, Waste Management advertised Aug. 5 for Recyclable Material Processing Services. Staff will report that it received three bids, opened on Sept 4, but since that time an agreement was reached with the current processor, Cedar Creek Farms.

The City’s recycling program has been under heavy scrutiny since it was discovered that much of what Stillwater residents believed they were recycle had been stacking up for months.

From minutes of the Sept. 9 SUA meeting, “Staff observed that our local materials recovery facility (MRF) had a pile of materials that had not been hauled away. Staff entered into discussions with the owner and were told that contamination and available markets for the products were causing the issue. Staff became concerned with these issues and began determining alternatives to the local MRF if the problem continued.”

Staff then recommended a citizen-led committee. On Monday, Council will appoint a recycling task force from around 30 applicants.

• The City Council will also hear updates on the Strickland Park Project. The project has two phases; Phase I that includes the Community Development Grant requirements with an expected playground equipment installation November, and Phase II, that is geared toward the SMAC and Mya’s Promise playability project. According to the agenda, there is an anticipated spring 2020 start date for Phase II.

• There will also be an update on the Block 34 Project. Block 34 is the name giving to the vacant lot east of the Stillwater Community Center between 8th and 9th streets. This summer Public Works oversaw the removal of above-ground electric and just recently some trees. Grading is expected to begin in January.

• Council will also learn about the request for proposals to be considered on the Boomer Lake Power Station.

• Additionally, Teresa Kadavy will be appointed City Clerk. Liz Chrz retired after more than 17 years with the City of Stillwater.

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