A sign proclaiming Cushing the “Pipeline Crossroads of the World” greets visitors to the city.

At 8 p.m. Tuesday, the City of Cushing announced it was activating a temporary shelter for residents as its power distribution team continued working to restore power to many parts of the city.

“This continues to be a very arduous process,” city officials said in a statement posted on Facebook. “It remains very likely that power will not be restored for some time given the amount of damage caused by fallen tree limbs, meaning power outages will likely extend into Wednesday.”

The Cushing Youth Center, 700 S. Little Ave., has set up a temporary shelter in its gym.

City officials said before coming to the shelter, people should know:

  • Face masks are not required, but are recommended. They will be available if needed.
  • Food service will not be available, but free bottled water will be provided.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Restroom and shower facilities will be available.
  • Family grouping is critical, and areas will be setup to allow for social distancing.
  • The shelter will be doing intake until 11 p.m. if Cushing residents want to take advantage of it.

“If we do not have anyone come to the shelter, it will be deactivated. The shelter will then be opened on a as-needed basis. If the shelter needs to be reactivated, please call 918-225-1212 and we will work to get you assisted as quickly as possible,” city officials said.

Cushing residents are encouraged to report power outages to the city hotline at 918-225-0795.

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