Community rallies behind injured kitten

Jet Turner/Stillwater News Press Sylvester is a one-month old kitten that was rescued and brought to health after being brought to the Humane Society of Stillwater.

Miracles often come from unexpected places at the best of times.

For a little 1-month-old kitten named Sylvester, his miracle came at just the right time.

It all started with a simple Facebook post from the Stillwater Humane Society on Aug. 1 asking for a donation.

“This time of year our Vet Bills are sky high and now we are needing $2,500 to fix our AC unit. All of our animals are hanging in there, but it's been a long week!!” the Facebook post said.

The Stillwater Humane Society raised about $4,000 on Facebook from this post.

This donation from the Stillwater community was not only enough to fix the Stillwater Humane Society’s air conditioning unit, but also helped save a life.

“I was working on a Sunday, and two good Samaritans came in with this little kitten wrapped in a blanket,” said Jackie Ross-Guerrero, director of the Stillwater Humane Society. “And they said, ‘we just found this kitten, we think he is injured and we don’t know what to do.’ We don’t have a vet on staff here. So, I told them to take it over to OSU small animal hospital where they have veterinarians.”

Oklahoma State University’s Small Animal Hospital has a “Good Samaritan” program, where you can drop an animal off, if it is not yours, and they will make sure the animal is not in pain and try to perform vet work to make sure it is not suffering. The next day they will take them to Stillwater Animal Welfare.

OSU assessed the kitten and found it was not in any pain, but its leg was dead and needed to be amputated.

The next day, the kitten was transported to Stillwater Animal Welfare, which does animal intake for the City of Stillwater. That day, Ross-Guerrero received a call from Animal Welfare.

“’(The call said) hey we just received this small kitten, it looks like he needs his leg amputated,’” Ross-Guerrero said. “He also had some scarring on his left eye, so he must have had an old infection, too. So this little guy was in pretty rough shape.

“We are unable to usually do medical cases unless we do fundraisers. Well, as luck would have it, when our AC unit went out and I put it on Facebook, we raised enough money where I was able to say ‘hey I have this extra $500, we can save this kitten.’”

Ross-Guerrero immediately picked up the kitten from Animal Welfare and brought him home with her. She then called the Pawnee Animal Clinic and got the kitten in the next day to have his leg removed.

That kitten was Sylvester.

From the good Samaritans picking him up on the side of a road, to OSU assessing him, to Animal Welfare taking him in, to the donations of the Stillwater community paying for his amputation at Pawnee Animal Clinic, a lot of work went in making sure Sylvester will be able to live a long, healthy and happy life.

“It takes a village to do what we do, and for the luck of one little tuxedo kitten we were able to start off with a good Samaritan walking through the door on a Sunday to Tuesday morning his leg getting amputated so he was no longer in any pain," Ross-Guerrero. "He’s getting along great on just three legs and all he does is love to cuddle and purr.”

The Stillwater Humane Society accepts donations of all kinds, including animal supplies, monetary donations and more. If you are unable to donate material objects, you can also donate your time to the Stillwater Humane Society. Find more information at

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