Cosmo Oldenburg never had a bad Christmas.

For him growing up, Christmas was always a joyous time. He knows that isn’t the case for everybody.

Oldenburg and his ex-wife would ride in motorcycle toy runs across the state. Over a decade ago, she told him they needed one in Stillwater.

“We started it and it’s been continuously getting bigger,” Oldenburg said. “It seems like the town itself started to embrace it.”

Not even the pandemic could stop the riders’ generosity, topping out at 63 last year.

“Last year should have been a down year with COVID, but more people showed up,” he said. “I’d really like to see 63 go to 126. I’m a numbers guy, I always want more bikes. The way my mind thinks, the more bikes and riders we have, the more toys we’re going to have, which means more families we can help.”

Last year, he said, they made Christmas happen for 40 families. Toys get distributed to Lions Meadows of Hope, a foster care agency in Payne County.

Cosmo’s Toy Run will be Nov. 20 at Forman Harley-Davidson, 3512 S. Boomer Road. Each participant should bring at least one new unwrapped toy. A noon lunch will be provided by Cherokee Strip BBQ. Parade staging will begin at 1:45 p.m. A parade escort led by the Payne County Sheriff’s Office will drive up Main Street to Sixth Avenue and then from Perkins to Lost Creek United Methodist to drop off the toys, followed by fellowship and snacks. An afterparty will be thrown at The Other Side Tavern, 6817 E Sixth.

“If anybody wants to get involved, if they want to drop off a brand new unwrapped toy, take it out to Forman Harley-Davidson before the 20th and we will make sure that it gets into the right hands, that somebody in Payne County will have Christmas,” Oldenburg said. “It’s toys but if they want to bring clothes, electronics or whatever, we’ll make sure it gets to the right people.”

Sponsors included Frontier Electronics, Forman Harley-Davidson, Cherokee Strip, The Other Side and Chris’ University Spirit.

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