Payne County officials have begun discussing dedicating an area in one of the county buildings to the memory of former District 2 commissioner Gloria Hesser who died July 18.

Commissioner Chris Reding, who took office in District 2 following Hesser's retirement in 2012, said they're considering several options, including naming the commission meeting room for her.

The commissioners agreed a memorial is appropriate.

District 3 commissioner Jim Arthur said Hesser was always on the run and he didn't know how she found the time to do everything she did.

“We look forward to working with the Hesser family to develop a fitting tribute for her” Reding said.

The Hesser family and the county Home and Community Educators are also establishing a Gloria Hesser memorial scholarship fund.

In other business the commission set a November 17 hearing date to consider de-annexing a mobile home park near Perkins from Rural Water District No. 3 so the city of Perkins can provide water service. Assistant District Attorney Lowell Barto said the water district isn't serving the park now and the park owner has to provide bottled water to his tenants.

The commissioners also approved resolutions needed for Ingalls, Elm Grove and Cottonwood  community centers to apply for rural development grants to make improvements or repairs, a name change for Wild Horse Dr. and a request from Junior Service League to place food collection bins in county buildings for their annual Harvest II food drive.

They also approved contracts for road projects on Norfolk Road, Airport Road and Fairgrounds Road.

Reding said he's going to meet with city of Stillwater officials about parking problems at the Payne County Courthouse. Street construction has taken some parking spaces out of service and the remaining spaces on Husband are being patrolled closely by city parking enforcement, causing problems for people with legitimate courthouse business, he said.

He's planning to meet with the city attorney's office to see what can be done.

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