County considering when pigs fly (around the race track)

Associated Press Pigs like these could find themselves racing around the Payne County Expo Center in the near future.

The Payne County Expo Center was looking for a “different kind of entertainment.”

They think they may have found it in a pig-racing outfit called Swifty Swine Productions.

Expo Center director Colin Campbell told County Commissioners it was discussed last week among the Payne County Fair Board, who gave him the green light to explore it.

“A few more details to get worked out,” Campbell said. “We haven’t had any different kind of entertainment in a few years, thought we’d give it a try. They got their own little track and everything.”

Commissioner Chris Reding said he would had “anxious anticipation” for the pig races.

On a more serious note, Commissioner Zach Cavett introduced the possibility of limited maintenance of Payne County public roadways that aren’t currently under a county service agreement.

Cavett said he would look to get the approval with a receipt of a petition signed by the majority of landowners being serviced by that particular road. Cavett said due to historic rainfall one of the roads was in such bad shape a mail carrier was going to quit going out there.

“We already have enough roads to maintain and enough cost going out, I don’t think it would be beneficial to accept them for maintenance,” Cavett said. “This would be very good gesture to say this is a one-time, we’re going to grade it one time, no rock, we’re going to patch it up this time. I’ve also got a spot on the petition that we would verify those landowners – not a tenant, the property owner – has to sign and everybody in that addition has to sign the petition to get it approved.”

Reding discussed the issue of a waiver of liability if something went wrong. County attorney Lowell Barto it might be difficult to say, “I’m going to do this but I’m not going to be liable.”

Commissioners approved the petition process, but will continue to work on the language of the petition.

Also in County news

• Commissioners approved the County Treasurer’s Report for the Fiscal Year 2019 Audit. “(State Auditor & Inspector) Cyndi Bird says our Treasurer’s Office is in great shape and thanked the Treasurer’s Office for helping them get all the information they requested. Basically, based on the procedures they performed there were no exceptions noted – exceptions are not good,” Reding said.

• Extended a contact with guy engineering for on-demand services at hourly rates

• Approved health department contract agreement with RK Black

• Approved extending a scraper rental

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